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NABTEB 2017 Physics Practical Question And Answer | Free Expo

NABTEB 2017 Physics Practical Question And Answer | May June Free Expo.

Nabteb 2017 Physics practical answer expo


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This is to Inform all 2017 National Business and Technical Examinations Nabteb candidates that are writing Physics Practical Today 11th Of May 2017.

NABTEB 2017 Physics Practical Answer

No of oscillation = 20
Height h = 1.0m

Table of values
S/N. Y(cm) t(s) T-t/20(s) T^2
1. 10.00. 38.00. 1.90. 3.62
2. 20.00. 35.80. 1.79. 3.22
3. 30.00. 33.60. 1.68. 2.82
4. 40.00. 31.20. 1.56. 2.42
5. 50.00. 28.40. 1.42. 2.01

Slope = ΔY/ΔT^2
Intercept I, on the vertical axis=88cm or 0.88cm

1)avi) precautions
-i avoided error due to parallax when reading the stopwatch and metre rule
-i ensured that the Bob was displaced through the small angle to avoid conical oscillation

Period:is the time taken or required to complete one oscillation or to and fro movement
Frequency:is the number of cycle or oscillation complete in one seconds

-the shape of the earth (spherical)
-Distance of the object from its centre

Diameter d=2.4m radius r=1.2m velocity v=8m/s
Making W subject of the formula

Standard resistor=1.0~(ohm)
Table of values
S/N. I(A) V(v) I^-1(A^-1) V^-1(v^-1)
1. 0.4. 0.40. 2.500. 2.500
2. 0.6. 0.60. 1.670. 1.670
3. 0.8. 0.80. 1.250. 1.250
4. 1.0. 1.00. 1.000. 1.000
5. 1.20. 1.20. 0.830. 0.830

Slope, s =ΔI^-1/ΔV^-1

From, S=ΔI^-1/ΔV^-1

-i ensured tight connections of connecting wires.
-I ensured that the key was open,to avoid the running down of the battery.

Internal resistance (r)-this is the opposition of current flow through the electrolytic cells.
-heat effect
-chemical effect
Heat effect is used in electric cooker for cooking.

(3biii) ~ is donated with ohms
r=1~ , R=6~ , V=9v , E=?
Cross multiply
Making E subject of formula
So therefore,E.M.F of the cell=10.5v

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Nabteb 2017 Physics Practical Expo

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