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JAMB Profile Account 2017 See How To Create Online

How To Create Your Jamb Profile Account For Jamb 2017.

Joint Admission And Matriculation Board Jamb has Released a Platform for all Utme Candidate.

The platform is use to create, register and update your jamb profile account.

The jamb Registrar Prof. Is haq Oloyede has made it compulsory for all Utme Candidates to have a jamb profile account.

Here are the step by step procedure to create jamb profile account

What You Need Before Creating The Profile

1. Phone Number: For you to create an account you will have to get a current phone number which they can send message to.

2. E-mail, G-mail : Also for you to create your jamb profit you will have to open a E-mail/G-mail account.

For Those that does not have G-mail account, follow this link to create: https://accounts.google.com/SignUp?hl=en it free. 

How To Create Jamb Profit

Step 1. Visit jamb official portal @ www.jamb.org.ng/efacility/login. when it open it will bring a page like this:

Step 2. Click on ” Click to log in”  it will open another page like this:

Step 3. Click on “Create an account ” It will open a page like this:

  • Enter your E-mail or G-mail account
  • Select your secret question
  • And give an answer to the secret question you have chosen in the space provided

Step 4. Click on “verify E-mail” after that an email address confirmation will be send to your gmail account from jamb:

Step 5. Log in to your Gmail account open on the mail then Click on “Click here to continue your profile creation” it will open a page like this:

There you will create your account:

  • Enter your full Name
  • Select your Gender
  • Select your Date of Birth
  • Enter your Mobile number also call as phone number
  • Select your Country
  • Select your State of Origin
  • Choose your Local Government Area
  • Enter password.

Step 6. Click on “Sign up” it will bring a page like this:

There you will see text that your account creation was successful.

Step 7: Click on “Proceed to Login”

You can now enter your username and password in the spaces provided.

Step 8: Click on “Log in”  it will bring a page like this:

Then you are good to go.

If you need our assistance in creating an account, please type your details in the comment box.



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  • jamb send me a confirmation code on my mail but I haven't see it since morning pls wot do I do

  • pls have created the profile and bought the pin before I discovered that letter h is missing from d name... what do I do befoer I proceed to register online? thanks

    • You can do that during registration, they will ask you of your name them you can add the "h"

  • Please i register with mail but they didnt send the verification code please what should i do.

  • can't proceed with the account creation, they have sent me the mail but continue creating account isn't a link what should I do?

    • Try using another browser to check your email, if the link is not there them re-register

    • Visit www.Jamb.org.ng/efacility/login and enter your email address and your password in the space provided

  • the email dat i create through jamb worker phone is nt recongise by google and it dosen,t wat to open for me, is it bad to open ur email on phone wen u dnt have laptop,bt the jamb as nt send me my confrimation code and inbox for me to knw my exam time and center and date,pls wat cn i do nw?

  • pls ooo i need a help i have been trying to create an account on JAMB i was on able to create it even when i use the official portal it won work what should i do now?